No matter if you are a late shopper, or an early bird we have an outline of selections to help you get those gifts accounted for, and on their way to make this year a very merry Christmas!!! For the home, we took the time this year to curate something outside of the traditional red and green color palette. 

We are continually inspired by vendors that we utilize in our own designs like Annie Selke, Saint Frank, Gees Bend Quilts, Sundance, and more. We love the bold color palettes that take this holiday season to new heights! Yet we also found inspiration within layers of texture for every room and built out some simple offerings below. Some for the entertainer, the living room or even within that Grand Entertaining space. If you are looking for just a special room to decorate and test this color palette, maybe it is your guest room or even your own. 

Let us know your favorite Design Direction for the Holidays. Do you buy New Decorations each year? Are you more traditional and utilize the same decorations? Or are you a mixture of both, by pairing the New with the Old? We would love to hear your thoughts below!!!

From our small Team, we truly are wishing you the warmest Holidays and a Joyous New Year! Be sure to visit our Base Camp Essentials Page that offers some of these as well as our Local Community page for reference to our favorite places to shop locally this season!

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We love a good cocktail, and all of our recipes can be found here if you need some inspiration this year. 

(Note: all can be made without alcohol or even with non-alcohol options!) 

    We rounded up some of our favorite spirits here! We love a curated cocktail for our guests to pair back with our meals. Although, on those chilly evenings when the snow is gently falling we love a warm whiskey or even a simple glass of our favorite red.

Smokey Mezcal Paloma – createyourbasecamp.com

Purple Basil Gin Fizz – createyourbasecamp.com

Holiday Moscow Mule – createyourbasecamp.com


THE TABLE: Don’t let the brightness and sparkle of the tree outshine your table this season. Have fun trying out a new tablescape like the one we feature here. Our inspiration is from the views outside. Chartreuse, Greens, and Blues can all be found in the trees, bright winter skies, and the oranges and pinks are from the vibrant sunsets you can find the day after the storm clears. These colors look beautiful on any dining room table.

  1. Wallpaper Table Runner
  2. Black Clay Ring Dish
  3. Wooden Candlestick
  4. Holiday Tray
  5. Felt Bowls
  6. Striped Woven Placemats
  7. Table Setting
  8. Village Tealight Candleholders
  9. Glassware


We love a good Mantle but if you don’t have a fireplace, you can bring the holiday decor to many other places within your home. Entryways, mud rooms, and even staircases can house some fun decorations.

  1. Rose Rainbow Trees
  2. Winter Ornament Set
  3. Felt Pom Pom Garland
  4. Chevron Unscented Candle
  5. Glass Rainbow Ornament
  6. Ivy Embroidered Stocking
  7. Colorful Stripe Knit Stocking
  8. Clara Embroidered Stocking
  9. Decorative Candles
  10. Embroidered Letter Ornament
  11. Marimekko Patchwork Ornament


Redecorating your room or the guest room for the holidays is another way to add some additional holiday flair to another part of the home and get your guests into the spirit. Below is a simple curation of some of our favorite bedding options for this season as well as some yummy jammies!

  1. Speckled Indigo Duvet Cover
  2. Handmade Colorful Quilt
  3. Embroidered Love Black/White Decorative Pillow
  4. Pilar Stripe Decorative Pillow
  5. Indigo CLXV Pillow
  6. Organic Peace Silk Pyjama Set in Hazelnut
  7. Gazi Paisley Nu-Mu


No matter if you are a last-minute gift shopper or a planner, we have found some really fun finds for everyone! Even down to some really unique gift wrap options!

  1. Coronado Burst Hydro Cap
  2. Fitness Dice
  3. Women’s Snowflake Socks
  4. Stay Positive Magnet
  5. Aviator Nation Aspen Sweatshirt
  6. Merino Beanie
  7. The Scuff Slipper
  8. Animal Tales Pouch
  9. Men’s Merino 200 Sonebula Long Sleeve 
  1. The Skylight Frame
  2. The Hoodie
  3. House Plant
  4. Stag Matches
  5. Brightland Mini Essentials Set
  6. Brown Kraft Paper
  7. Leather + Pine Candle
  8. Technicolor Frazada Wrapping Paper
  9. Hunting Crate
  10. Alpaca Throw Blanket
  11. Survival Playing Cards
  12. Wakayama Glove
  13. Knit Legwarmers


Don’t forget about the wrapping paper. Utilize what you have and get the kids involved. Purchase a roll of kraft paper from the link provided and have the kids use watercolor or craft paint to design the paper. Finish your wrapped packages off with a unique ribbon or twine and sprigs of natural foliage that you can also harvest from outside. All of this can truly bring the family together to make the wrapping process as well as the opening more sentimental as well as a memorable experience that may become a tradition for years to come. 


No matter if you are a late shopper, or an early bird we have an outline of selections to help you get those gifts accounted for, and on their way to make this year a very merry Christmas!!! For the home, we took the time this year to curate something outside of the traditional red […]

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