Holiday Moscow Mule

So what are we sipping this year? A Holiday Moscow Mule! Traditional Mules with their rustic copper mugs are historical cocktails that pack a crisp, tart flavor that’s as refreshing as it is satisfying. The cocktail is simple to prepare and makes for a welcome treat when friends and relatives gather to celebrate. For our holiday version, we add a dash of pomegranate and lime to wake up your taste buds with a zing of flavor. 

Start with the copper mug—it’s perfect for every season as the copper keeps your drink cool longer than glass (and we think it accentuates the flavor of the mule!). Choose between these shiny hammered mugs or this antique hammered option with a simple patina that will look as gorgeous on the shelf as it does in your hand.

From there, simply follow the directions below to mix up the perfect Holiday Moscow Mule. Looking for a different flavor? We’ve also swapped out the pomegranate with fresh cranberry and added a sprig of rosemary for some holiday cheer.



Start by adding a half a cup of ice to your copper mug. (Trust us, that mug is what makes this cocktail!) Add the lime juice, pomegranate juice, and vodka. Fill the remainder of the mug with ginger beer. 

Garnish with pomegranate seeds, a sprig of rosemary and and a wheel of lime. 


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Christmas is one of our favorite times to raise a toast—especially with an exciting drink recipe! And while we’ll always love a great wine pairing with our main course, there’s something about those in-between festivities that seems to lend itself perfectly to a new cocktail.

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