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We are committed to acting as the liaison between vendors, subcontractors, architects, general contractors, and more to eliminate guesswork and ensure that your residence is completed to the highest standards.

Lastly, our interior and exterior design services are priced competitively to ensure there are no surprises as well as promising you an effortless partnership where your time is respected and your preferences deeply honored. After all, it’s not our base camp—it’s yours! We want your residence to feel like home as soon as you walk in the door!

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Here at Base Camp Design, we pride ourselves on establishing custom curated interior and exterior designs that are timeless, impactful, and authentic to you. We roll up our sleeves and work hard so that you have an effortless building experience. Your trust in us is not taken lightly and we value the ability to bring your vision to fruition.

Base Camp Design offers a design experience that provides you with a sense of relief. It's about much more than finishes and flooring. We embrace the challenge of creating a perfectly balanced final design by sourcing items that tell a story, are delivered on time, and align with your budget.

It takes many hands to build a home, and we are grateful for all of our valued partnerships.

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When a developer comes to us with the intention to sell, we quickly identify how to maximize your profit by providing curated, not “decorated” interior designs to set your residences apart. You'll see a great return on investment with dramatically increased initial asking prices as the consumer sees their future, not just a property for sale.

With a deep appreciation of the architecture, culture, and history of Sandpoint and surrounding areas, we strive to design spaces that are harmonious with the natural landscape.


Outstanding spaces are developed from the best builder and designer collaborations. Let us partner with you to manage time, budget, and prioritize customer satisfaction.

A builder’s role is to think about how to manage the build from start to finish, while ours is to work closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and laborers to determine how the home will function, look and be furnished. We read blueprints and are well versed with codes and inspection regulations.

Together, we create results that put the client’s vision at the forefront and transcend what neither of us could produce for them alone. We each bring complementary skills and experiences to every angle of the client’s project creating impeccable results.


Interior design ignites the consumer's imagination and evokes their emotional sales response. We allow you, the broker, to make your spaces unique and attractive to prospective buyers.

Here at Base Camp Design we take a curated approach to encapsulate the customer's end user experience.

We can also position a home for either an investor or a broker to be able to sell at a higher price point with simple staging and corrections, if needed. We maximize the audience for every home.


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