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Kate built her Interior Design firm around Northern Idaho’s outdoor recreation and lifestyle. With her deep rooted appreciation of nature, you can rest assured that her work is unique, fresh, and thoughtfully designed.

She is knowledgeable and skilled in designing and creating spaces from historic to contemporary, and enjoys rolling her sleeves up to help you navigate the challenges and highlights every project brings.

Base Camp Design is constructed from Kate’s Interior Design experience, extensive travels, and admiration of what nature has to offer. From living off grid on 100 acres, to working out of her aunt’s New York design showroom, Kate has gathered cultural creativity and a deep understanding of design.

With this design knowledge, she puts forth a creative intuitiveness to carry out projects throughout the North Idaho Panhandle and beyond. Her years of experience give her agility to be a multifaceted advocate and bring your visions to life.

When she is out of the office you can find her on the local trails, sailing Lake Pend Oreille, or juggling the many activities her son is involved in.


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Base Camp Design is an elevated design experience. We help you create your “BASE CAMP” where balance is reached between home & lifestyle. Established by Kate Lyster, the firm is well-rounded from her extensive knowledge in constructing and running multiple successful businesses.
Our team is an eclectic group of innovative and organized professionals, all contributing their skills to master the services provided to our clients and their projects.

At Base Camp Design, we've honed the entire design experience to perfect the balance between luxurious and livable spaces. It’s our goal to make creating your base camp effortless and enjoyable. From finding your style, picking out the perfect finishes, to coordinating with your builder, we hope to make your journey as seamless as possible.

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