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Whenever we visit Meadowbrook in Sandpoint, we call it a Moment with Meadowbrook. Whether you’re interested in sprucing up your home with a simple refresh or tackling something grander like a renovation, we wanted to highlight some simple tricks you can implement to take the guesswork out of the design projects on your to-do list.

a lovely tufted green sofa with layers of texture

Design Refresh:

At Base Camp we are always looking local for inspiration and we found just what we were looking for in Meadowbrook’s Spring floor set.  Along with some images below we have listed some great and simple design ideas inspired by our visit with this Sandpoint local business. Below are some of our go-to DIY changes that can really reset your living space and make it feel new. 

Paint Your Space:

Evergreen Fog
Stone Blue
Agreeable Gray

Whether you’re painting an accent wall in your living room or repainting your whole kitchen a fresh new color is an affordable way to enhance your space. By elevating a standard eggshell white or toning down a red, you can change not only the overall aesthetics of a space, but the actual feel of it with a fresh coat of paint. Studies have shown, picking the right color for your walls can have calming effects. We have a list of trending paint colors below that we love for a simple DIY refresh.


The Easy Care Bundle
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Bronze Floor Planter

At Base Camp we are all in on bringing the outdoors inside. House plants are great for decor and for your health. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that “plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed and natural”. House plants are also a great form of air purification.

For decor, we recommend using taller house plants like Parlor Palms as a fresh way to fill a blank space.  Succulents in washrooms, or grow herbs in kitchen windows for a fresh addition to your meals. Herbs are not only practical, but add organic aromatherapy to your space! To put it simply, houseplants bring us joy. It’s a simple and useful way to refresh any space both visually and for your health. Base Camp Design understands that not everyone has a green thumb. Below you’ll find a list of some easy to care for options.

simple white sectional with lots of layers of textiles

Textured Revamp: 

Having staple furniture pieces (like your couch) in neutral colors allows you to use other elements to accent those pieces.

Using throw pillows and blankets with eye-catching patterns, textures and colors really allow you to create a more elevated look. Additionally, using a statement piece like a bold or textured chair can really make the room. 

Changing out pillows, blankets, artwork or a statement chair is a more affordable, less stressful way to bring big change to your space. 

Organization Made Simple:

Seagrass Basket Set
Tapered Decorative Wicker Basket
Rollover Top Basket

Decluttering your space can be as simple as discarding unused items/decor. Taking a few minutes to reevaluate what items you can go without, think “less is more”. There’s a freeing feeling that comes with letting go of things that aren’t serving us or our space. 

NOTE: There are always local charities who would benefit from your home good donations.

Baskets are a great tool for storage, and they are great for hiding clutter. Using baskets to store children’s toys in the living room is a great way to hide the chaos of “Fisher Price” from your living space. Baskets are great for organizing your kitchen counter tops from keys and mail, linens in your closet, socks in drawers and closets, the list goes on. A chaotic space brings anxiety. Tidying up creates tranquility.

NOTE: using plastic liners or vessels can help with the longevity of your baskets and also help those textured baskets from snagging your fabrics. 

Bedding Update:

Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Organic Cotton Duvet Cover
The 365 Blanket™

We spend approximately ⅓ of our life in our bedrooms sleeping or trying to sleep, so your bedroom might be the most important room in your home. If your bedroom isn’t your sanctuary, we highly recommend reevaluating your decor or simply your linens. Recreating a bedroom can be as simple and inexpensive as a bedding update. Again, we recommend starting with a neutral color as a base and adding colors, patterns and textures in layers to create a more balanced and peaceful sleeping environment. 

When choosing a style, don’t be afraid to mix and match your bedding collections. We typically start with our sheets, selecting a simple organic bamboo solid sheet set that will be a great anchor for the bed. From there, we love to build up the look with a pattern mix. A subtly textured duvet over a goose-down comforter adds dimension, and then we tri-fold a solid quilt at the foot of the bed for a cozy look. Pick one made from muslin that gets softer with each wash. Finally, add a mix of patterns and fabrics with pillows or throws to complete the look. We’ve linked a few of our favorite options below!

We hope you feel inspired to create more organization, peace and cohesion in your homes. We always love to hear from you on your design journeys, so please let us know how you implemented any of the ideas above in your homes?  

Cheers to you, and the new year!

-Base Camp Design

When you purchase anything from Meadowbrook you should visit our Refresh blog to see how to put it all together! If you are building out a table for the holidays or your family, check out this tablescape blog for reference!

The New Year is about a fresh start and new beginnings—for you and your home. That means it’s time to declutter and leave the holiday chaos behind.

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