Fall Design Refresh

Focus on items that evoke a sense of happiness, a wooden bowl you discovered at a local flea market to house your families car keys, a designerly ceramic diffuser to bridge the gap between outside and inside with an earthy cozy scent. 

Think, less “is” more. Updating your space for fall and winter can be a simple layering approach. Remove the lingering clutter from summer along the way. 

Consider how you start to dress, we have to take into account that in the mornings while cold the mid to late afternoon can be hot.

Layering can be great to be able to add or take off when needed a method that can also be applied at home. 

Do not go out and purchase multiple items to decorate your home on a whim. Strategically purchase ethical candles or diffusers, the scent can be transferred throughout your main living space. If you don’t do anything this season, we highly recommend investing in a simple scent for your home to warm you and your company’s senses as well as utilize throughout the year. We recommend the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser. Its minimalist soft design and natural essential oils can warm your home and can be a layered vessel to accessorize on shelves with its porcelain design.

Ultimately, you need to focus on simple solutions that can be updated quickly and not impact your time efficiency. 

A textured throw or rug can ground a room as well as provide warmth when the cool fresh air hits outside. As rugs are cleaned and walked on continuously it is good to change these out to preserve them. We recommend the Chilewich woven floor mat. They can double for the indoors or the outdoors, have a slip resistant backing and are sourced out of renewable vegetable content. Our absolute favorite throw is Bearaby’s weighted cooling blanket!

Check it Out! – RUGTHROW

Finally, a functional blanket that provides beauty within your home. 

Layered lighting in a room not only provides ambiance but can also update your space without having to overhaul your electrical. You can use a floor lamp for an overhead glow or a textured table lamp to light up the space without flooding the room with light. Ultimately, having both can really accentuate the glow of the space. If you are building or restructuring your overhead lighting be sure to ask your contractor about dimming and pivotal spot options. If you don’t want to have accent lighting in your room a handsome dimmer or pivotal spot option will change the mood of the room with ease as well as be versatile to provide beautiful down light or positioned to highlight your favorite artwork. 




DIMMER SWITCH: Don’t make it an afterthought! 


Dimmer switches From Buster & Punch, amazing clean metal details. 

This version is shown with an aftermarket etch to direct to fixture control. BRILLIANT!

An intuitive shift pushes us to crave a home edit with the change of a season.

To decorate each season can feel daunting, a little can go a long way, so focus on items that evoke a certain sense and think, less ‘is’ more!

  1. Joline says:

    Congratulations on your new blog! I just read it and live it!! I appreciate the links to the items if one would like to purchase. I’m needing some new lighting. Good job team Kate!

  2. Joline says:

    Congratulations on your new blog! I just read it and love it!! I appreciate the links to the items if one would like to purchase. I’m needing some new lighting. Good job team Kate!

    • Kate Lyster says:

      Hi Joline,

      Thank you for your support, We greatly appreciate you and your feedback! If there is a specific item we are happy to help you find this and would gladly send a link. Feel free to email me an image if you like: katelyn@createyourbasecamp.com or just provide me with some descriptions and/or detail to get this for you! Hope to hear from you soon! Have a great day!

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