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As much as we love the holidays, we have to admit they come with their own share of stress—and plenty of extra work! So this year, we wanted to take an opportunity to have a little staycation prior to getting swept up in the hustle and bustle. We started looking for the right location and were thrilled when we discovered this serene cabin in the woods. NW Montana Retreat is such a Suprise that is right down the road!

Northwest Montana Retreat is located in Troy, MT in the northwest part of the state, just a short drive from Sandpoint. Tucked in close to the famous swinging bridge and Kootenai Falls trail system, these unique, short-term rentals are a perfect reflection of the artisan couple who founded them, Hy and Danielle Boltz. Prior to opening the retreat, the couple had moved away from Montana for a short time, but they soon found themselves feeling disconnected and unsettled away from their favorite natural surroundings. They ultimately decided to return to their home state, eager to share their passion for the location with others. 

Hy and Danielle chose Troy for their retreat because it provides so much that is innate to the Montana experience without needing to travel anywhere else. And, as avid fans of the outdoors, they wanted to be able to share their favorite aspects of the local experience with visitors. From mushroom and huckleberry picking to seasonal hunting, Hy and Danielle know the best spots to reap the greatest rewards and truly can’t wait to share their knowledge. 

From the moment you arrive, the Northwest Montana Retreat invites you to immerse yourself into the setting as you discover a variety of natural wonders. For their stay, guests can choose between an off-grid cabin, a renovated vintage Airstream trailer, or a handmade wooden trailer in the meadow. For those larger parties, Hy and Danielle will even offer up their own home to accommodate their guests. 

If you are looking for a vacation site that lets you truly enjoy nature in its finest form (or for a gift for a nature-loving relative or friend), be sure to visit the link below for more information and to book. No matter your location, the Northwest Montana Retreat is the perfect option for your next adventure or for anyone who needs to press pause and get a much needed reset. 


If you are in Montana and looking for a more high end experience in the most stunning landscape then visit: Sage Lodge, we promise you wont be disappointed!!

Northwest Montana Retreat, a completely off-the-grid cabin nestled in the most serene and lush landscape.

The perfect location for a holiday staycation.

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