Favorite Spot: Sage Lodge

sage lodge

We wanted to feature a special place for us. Located in our favorite bordering state, the Sage Lodge is nestled just outside of Livingston on the Yellowstone in Montana.

The Sage Lodge embodies and evokes so much emotion that it can take your breath away. It has the rustic appeal of the outdoors offering everything we grew up with from serene fly fishing to horseback riding. Its vast views and upscale retreat is refined sophistication nestled within the mountains.

Outside a small fishing town, The Sage Lodge is breathtaking. They provide sound comfort within your stay. Their linens are plush, their views are mesmerizing and the spa is something that flushes your impurities away. 

The lodge is all about “hiking boots, slippers or both”. Being able to be casual and effortless while exploring new territory and hobbies or cleaning up for a five star dinner all in house is what we lean towards while traveling.  

The lodge touches on your every emotion upon entry. The list of accommodation options are endless and authentic! (be sure to book prior to arriving!)

The dining is exquisite but the spa is the place to re-group!

A quick trip from the Bozeman Airport, just pack your bag and get your trip ready, you will thank us later!


Wanderlust is something that is often sparked via an image of a location that you add to your list of places to visit. You may prefer filling up the tank and seeing where the day leads, booking a trip to listen to the music of the ocean, or even a last minute trip across the globe to rejuvenate and inspire.

  1. Joline says:

    Wow….sounds and looks amazing the perfect place to go for some R&R.

    • Kate Lyster says:

      Hi Joline,

      Be sure to check out the link provided in the Blog! It is so close to home or a quick flight. They offer up such a variety of amazing things to hit every note for that R&R. If you are in need before the holidays be sure to book yourself an early gift to yourself and give us a full report of how it was!

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