Peppermint Tea


This Peppermint Tea is a family favorite and an essential “Go To” when anyone gets sick in the family. Mint is an aggressive plant so we like to keep ours planted in pots or in locations that can support its growth. This simple tea recipe is a great go to, to warm up in the morning, a simple option to sip on after dinner, as well as during this cold and flu season.

With the ability to dry or freeze Mint from your own garden it’s a great item to have on hand throughout the year especially as we have seen the inflation on ingredients like these at the grocery store. We recommend freezing the mint in ice cubes that can later be utilized for recipes and will keep the original effervescent flavors of the mint leaf intact. 

Reference our instructions below for the best results and enjoy! 

Cheers and stay safe!


  • Bundle of mint stocks 
  • Tablespoon of fresh grated ginger root 
  • Tablespoon of honey (local is best to ensure that you have acclimated honey bees)


  • Cut your mint, leave on the stalk and wash
  • Add mint leaves and stalks to a pot of water
  • Boil till golden brown (deep yellow)
  • Add Ginger Root and Honey 
  • Serve and enjoy

Be sure to pair this with our simple Beet Salad for a heart healthy lunch during those winter months. This Teapot/Kettle is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for a stunning option to brew this Peppermint Tea with.

Overseas mint tea is readily available on your menu. It is rich in nutrients and can improve brain function but mostly is a great option to help with digestion.

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