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Back in the Day Bunk Room Designs were something you might find at a friend’s house, your dorm room and a staple at any Summer Camp! The design is an efficient way to maximize space and accommodate additional guests, yet they were aesthetically unpleasing in most situations. 

Three Benefits of Camp Bunk Beds.jpg (1000×563) (hubspot.net)we would love to redesign this camp bunk room! 

These days we have found that the Bunk Room is back by demand and not going away anytime soon. Today’s bunk room trend consists of many elements of design that can be timeless yet functional. Other ideas to maximize these bunks are sleek nightlights, alcoves for personal items, and built-in storage, just to name a few. 

The bunk room is an installment to your home that is the ultimate upgrade to the traditional pull-out bed or even the faulty air mattress from years past.

Take a look at our recent projects where we designed these bunk rooms for our clients. Each varies in personality and customization. 

Mountain Modern Bunk Room:

Our clients came to us with such a unique design opportunity. This Mountain Modern Bunk Room Design was all about the custom bunks and millwork. This pairing provided a seamless design that was a neutral backdrop to give the space a larger feeling and let the bunks blend into the space. This is the ideal balance of warmth and comfort especially after being out in the cold or even hiking in the crisp mountain air. 

These modern bunks feature matching textiles by Beddy’s to create a cohesive aesthetic across the entire room. We also brought in a mixture of bed sizes. This is a unique design, to maximize floorspace you will see in the entrance the design was two queens and on the back wall is four twins. By doing this and including the queen in the middle Base Camp Design kept everyone’s accessibility in mind. Each bunk also comes with its own lamp for easy reading, as well as charging ports within the fixture. 


Big Sky Residence

Modern Minimalistic Bunk Room

Chile Cabin Bunk Room

Hotel Bunk Room

Alpine Bunk House

Farmhouse Bunk Rooms: 

This simple bunk room was for a client looking to maximize their room and accommodate additional guests within their riverfront bungalow. A simple design that pairs well with mixed materials is metal railings and custom wood selected to balance the interior design of the residence. 

For this traditional client, they were looking for something that would be a statement yet accommodate their growing family. We sourced these black iron bunk frames for a unique mixed material for them. The metal frame paired with crisp white walls, and moody bedding textiles creates a timeless space for kids and adults alike. Pops of color throughout with the bold blue trunk at the end and the traditional red was something you found throughout the home. 

This Bunk Room was for a small condo located at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. This remodel was a simple refresh with pops of flare throughout. The mixed materials of the metal railings paired with the wood can also be found within the custom headboard and end tables in the master suite. Another custom yet simple addition for clients that are looking to spend more time on the mountain than in their condo.


Modern Farmhouse Bunk Room

Modern Farmhouse Bunk

Refined Farmhouse Bunk

Lakefront Living Bunk Rooms: 

This bunk room was in a lakefront bungalow that was all about keeping the lake as the focal point. We really drew design inspiration from the outdoors as you can see with the crisp white on the custom bunks that have plenty of storage built in as well as the textiles being blue to bring the beauty of Lake Pend Oreille into the space. 

This space is small yet is now able to accommodate so many of our wonderful clients, family, and friends. We kept age groups in mind to ensure that accessibility was also at the forefront of the bunk design. You can see we built stairs for those who might need to get to the top but are not able to utilize the traditional ladder system. They double as added storage for guests’ personal belongings. Lastly, we pulled from the natural wood around the property to anchor the internal wall. It not only brought the outdoors in yet also, provided warmth in this small space. 


Side by Side Built In Bunk Beds on Shiplap Wall – Cottage – Boy’s Room (decorpad.com)

Bunk Bed Round Up — Tiffany Leigh Design

Bainbridge Remodel & Interior Design Project – Mindy Gayer Design Co.

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With helpful designer insight, bunk rooms can be an efficient and creative way to maximize space and accommodate additional guests.

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