Fall Layering

Warm blankets and subtle bedding tie together this modern yet natural Schweitzer home.

Think about thrusting yourself out from under the cocoon of covers and getting awakened with crisp mountain air! Fall is such a special time of year around Sandpoint and surrounding areas. When the leaves start to change and those colder climates start to call out layers not only in apparel but within the home. For us we always start with our Fall Layering in our bedrooms.

Below we have outlined some of our Team’s Top Picks for layering your bedding this season. Let us know your style preferences below in the comments. 

Starting with the base, layering up:

We started with the most important part of the bedding design and that is the sheets. Honestly, it’s the only layer of your bed that has direct contact with your body. We always keep in mind sustainable fabrics that are both breathable yet temperature controlled. 

Make sure to invest in a higher-end sheet that provides durability, and will last longer with laundering. Fall layering starting with the sheets is vital to the success of your bedding.

DESIGN NOTE: Make sure that if you have a deeper mattress that you check your bedding dimensions prior to purchasing. The last thing you want is to not be able to make your bed. 

The Tried & True Layer – Wool Blankets: 

Some may think “Wool is way too heavy or warm for fall”. Yes, it does trap air within its woven fabrication but it is a sustainable, temperature controlled, hypoallergenic, fire resistant material that is built to last as well as improve the quality of sleep. Perfect for fall layering, with its color choices and warm hand.

Quilts & Coverlets

If you are looking to add a little texture to your bed then we suggest a lightweight coverlet. If you choose a coverlet versus a quilt this will provide less layers within construction. Coverlets traditionally offer more design style and beauty while quilts are made for warmth. 

These options lend themselves to creating the base for your accents to follow. Fall layering is all about texture and these coverlets provide just that!

Temperature-Controlled Duvet Inserts: 

 Don’t ever underestimate the power of the comforter! Growing up when the temperature started to drop we always looked to an oversized comforter that was down filled and seasonally appropriate. 

When I embarked into interior design, I always wanted to ensure that the bedding evoked warmth, had texture, and was inviting to its guests. These options noted below are all perfect for fall and remind me of the days when the bed was fluffy and cozy to the touch up at the family Ranch.

Duvet Options:

duvet cover

Linen Duvet Cover

$280 – $340

natural hemp fiber duvet

Natural Hemp Duvet Cover

$280 – $300


I always start building a bed with my King pillows at the headboard. I stack one on top of the other to ensure that when I add my 26×26” ostrich pillows it provides the best vertical support behind them to sit up right. They always add class and charm to a room without being too much. 

Next I add a lumbar or body pillow to offer support in the night. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t go anywhere without my body pillow. After hiking, riding or even running throughout the day my body, even with ample stretching, suffers and needs support at night. Here are some design options that provide functional support. 

The Scandinavian Way: 

One of the many design styles that I reference within my company is Scandinavian. Ultimately, the way that they take pride in their work, emphasize balance between work and play, and have a sustainable approach truly speaks to me. I also am drawn to the practicality they have within their designs to be stylish but not over styled!

The bedding is known for minimalism, incorporating clean lines, earth tones, masculine bed coverings with light and airy accessories found in sheer drapes to let the outdoors play a role within the space as natural art framed by the windows. 

Staples to Scandinavian Design: Sleek wooden beds made from high quality wood with either hairpin or thin legs as well as composed of straight or gently curving lines. 

Scandinavian Pillows, which are famous to us coming from the likes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Decorated with Scandinavian motifs, such as flags, kilts, traditional art and geometric patterns. Traditionally fabricated out of wool or cotton and stuffed with polystyrene beads. 

SCANDI Bedding, their special bedding tradition started back in the 1800’s for a reason, BECAUSE ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!! The cobweb mattress is a traditional mattress based on a basic concept of covered springs instead of a typical mattress with a layer of foam over top. It’s not just better for you but also the planet.

When it comes to preparing your home for the ever changing seasons our greatest passion is helping you secure the best results. We hope you stay ever so warm this Fall/Winter, so keep your bedding in mind while headed out to pick up your next pumpkin spice latte or warm scented essential oils! 

Brisk mornings, and cold evenings warrant styling your bedroom with versatile bedding within these ever-changing climates.

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