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The space you do laundry in can be a make or break it! Have you ever taken your detergent into consideration? This should be a make or break it for you since you need everything to be fresh but also cleaned efficiently! Any active family knows you want the best detergent out there for this reason. We can spend a lot of money on apparel, so we need them to last.  

Something we do not take into consideration is the waste that can come with laundry. You might have an energy efficient washer and dryer set that dramatically reduces consumption, but have you thought about how much waste is just in the plastic containers that house your laundry soaps? 

Over 700 Million plastic jugs are thrown away each year. This is such an impactful amount of waste that goes directly into our landfills. Unfortunately, these are made from high density plastic that can take under 100 years to decompose depending on the thickness of the plastic. 


We have found an ample amount of ethical detergents that come in eco-friendly containers that ultimately pack the punch we need for our families busy and outdoors lifestyle as well as smell refreshing when laundered.


DROPS – Manufactured in America they list all of their ingredients online for you to know what you are using. The pods are strongly sealed so they do not clump and you can rest assured that there is no mess!

The scents are naturally sourced and refreshing and the power of the detergent is something you can’t pass up. They offer a 30 day Free Trial, follow the link for more information.

BRANCH BASICS – They offer a starter kit that gives you a variety of options for your laundry. The detergent lasts up to 192 Loads and offers reusable options for the containers.

Ethical and natural ingredients are a great option if you are looking to switch. They also offer a wide array of additional non-toxic options for cleaning products and this is our personal favorite!!

GROVE – A great gift idea for the ones you love! This subscription gives you beautiful glass containers as well as a super concentrated detergent. They really mean “a little goes a long way”.

Our favorite is the Pure Liquid concentrate and wool dryer balls. Take advantage of their sign up options if you haven’t already. 

BLUELAND – These no-plastic, naked tablets come in a steel forever container with a refill in a paper bag. These tablets are made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, chlorine bleach and sourced with ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, as well as Soy/Nut free.

Cost effective starting at less than $20.00! In one year you will only need 275 tables and they pledge to divert over 1 Billion bottles in waste! This is something that we would recommend as a gift option too with the holidays around the corner.

If you take anything away from this please consider swapping from a plastic bottle or pod and utilize instead a detergent that can save you money and help the environment, smell refreshing, and clean your must-have items with ease.

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While laundry can be something we put off, there is nothing like pulling out a fresh warm set of linens and dressing your bed. But does your laundry space reflect that feeling?

  1. I like how you mentioned that the space you are working in while doing laundry is important. With that in mind, it could be a good idea to do your laundry at a local laundromat. It seems like a laundromat would allow you to have access to the proper space necessary for this task.

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