Kickback Session: Ryan MVMNT GYM

Ryan Egan

Husband, Father, Coach, Adrenaline Lover


Husband, Father, and adrenaline lover, Ryan at MVMNT Gym, strives for success via an unorthodox method of training to give your body the freedom to do what you love and reduce injury.

As we embarked on our Kickback Sessions, we knew he would be a great fit to highlight right out of the gate. His passion is his family, life and rebuilding your body from the inside out. His impact on our community and others stretches throughout the West Coast and we are honored that he carved out time to sit down with us. 

Do yourself a favor and read on. It is a look into the raw depth as to why MVMNT  is something to offer you outside of the conventional gym.


Tell us a little about yourself and what drove you to open MVMNT?!

“MVMNT GYM in downtown Sandpoint is the third location/gym I have owned. I owned and operated two gyms in Lake Tahoe. I felt called by God to open a gym in Sandpoint to serve and love the community in a powerful way. We focus on joint strength training to ensure our bodies are prepared to do all things we love to do, and have to do. To bring about beautiful and miraculous things in life, the people they love to serve, the things they love and enjoy doing. 

MVMNT is a gym to equip your body to pursue God’s gifts, blessings, and adventures by strengthening your body from the inside out.”

What brought you back to Idaho? 

“My wife and I both grew up here in Sandpoint, and always consider it home. This is Idahome. However, in 2014 I was struck by a drunk driver while riding on my motorcycle in Truckee, California. My wife was about to give birth to our second daughter, and we lost our entire business. After lots of prayer, surgeries, therapy, and reflection we both agreed that we needed to come back, heal, and raise our family.”

What do you love most about the area? 

“Sandpoint is such an amazing place. To have the gift of walking out your front door and being greeted with the mountains, lakes, and not to mention the people is truly special.

The people here are down to earth and aren’t chasing the next big thing, the contentment people possess here is hard to find in other parts of the nation. North Idaho people hold strong to the principles of “family”, and “caring for thy neighbor”. I love the grit it takes to call this place home. 

It feels like an old home town with the opportunity to connect to the wild.”

Fall is a great time for trail running and mountain biking, but also the time for chopping wood. Do you have any tips for rescuing injury on the trails, or with the maul?

“Go slow!!! 

Take your time and enjoy the process. Enjoy the smell of freshly sawn timber and listen to the splitter, feel the wood, and enjoy it! If you’re using a maul, learn to chop by alternating both hands or working on each side of the splitter.

As for mountain bike riding the trails: Do your CAR’s!!! (Controlled Articular Rotations), get on our website and take the 21 day challenge. 

Keeping your hips, knees, ankles and spine supple with full range of motion is vital. Do CARs before and after you ride to keep your joints on point. Ultimately, your hips can get stuck in a box because they are limited to the range of motion on the bike. Performing CARs everyday for every joint is crucial to ensure your joints will not lose range of motion common with age.”

What are some strengthening moves to get ready for Winter? 

“The most important winter preparation you can do, are your daily CARs and joint mobility work here at the gym or online, visit for the cutting edge in joint strength and body control training. 

Skiing yourself into shape” works fun enough, but it’s so much better to start the season strong. 

The easiest way to get your legs stronger for shredding is to hike up the stuff you want to shred down. For bonus cookies carry a heavy backpack, maybe even with a wiggly toddler for the extra challenge. 

For the truly rugged, ditch the trail, bushwhack straight up the face.”

What would you recommend to a client if they told you they were getting ready to stack or cut wood? Any specific moves or stretches?

“Yes. Do. Your. CARs. 

Also switch hands often. 

Watch your hands, feet, children, dogs, and where you’re cutting.”

What is your Favorite fall/winter activity and how do you prepare your body for it? 

“Snowboarding continues to be my favorite winter sport. 

Consistently get up and ride that first chair! Take care of yourself after you ride and drink obscene amounts of water throughout the winter. 

Keep in mind to listen to yourself and read the conditions. There is always a day to drop the biggest cliff, and there are days when you shouldn’t. Take it easy early in the season when its low tide. I broke a wrist and a couple boards trying to slash the summer rust off on the first day. Instead of heading to the bar after riding, go to the Gym, and do your CARs. All are three letter words, but only two of those activities will actually improve your shredding.”

What is something empowering that you tell your clients? Can you explain?

“Start falling in love with the process and the results will take care of themselves. You are not in control of the outcome. Excellence is built in the details, it’s a culmination of consistent choices made in repetition. Trying to manufacture outcomes will frustrate you and only ensure poor results. The blessings will come when you bring your best efforts to the small things, and make the process the end, not the means. 

Sleep is the most powerful workout. Have a consistent bedtime, and get off your phone 2hrs before lights out. Blue light wreaks havoc on your brain. The things you want to achieve are built on subtle choices and consistency, and excellence begins at bedtime. Excellence is habit, not an event. How you do anything is how you do everything. 

I help my students learn to have grace. When you are process oriented, you don’t lose heart and feel guilty when life happens and you miss some steps. Each day and week is an opportunity to be excellent. When you have a solid plan and process in place, you’re able to learn to develop grit to grow, but also room to give yourself grace. 

I help my clients forge long term habits that lead them to new destinations in their health. Most efforts fall apart because the tactics don’t fit into the life they are living now. A major pitfall is to have an all or nothing mindset. Just because we can’t accomplish everything, we assign ourselves to do nothing. There is a middle ground. Having the right mindset, and a process oriented approach is how you radically change your health.”

What is the common misconception about your gym? What does “building a “Smarter” body mean? Can you please elaborate? 

“At MVMNT we work on building the body from the inside out. Your body is wildly complex and none of us can really comprehend the miraculous things our bodies are capable of. 

Movement is not what it hass been marketed to be. Movement is a moment by moment decision making process which consists of constant and immediate feedback from our joints. This afferent feedback is the regulatory mechanism that allows our brain to decide what is the best strategy for accomplishing a task, or movement. 

When your hips move without restriction and high degrees of control, your hips will do exactly what the hips are designed to do, exactly when the hips need to their thing. 

Building a smarter body is a process of giving the brain better joints with which to move. Difficult movements become easier when joints are healthy and move well. When a joint is limited the brain must find a different way to accomplish a task. We refer to this as compensation. 

Joints are the unsung heroes of the body that will make or break you. You can bench press without an ankle, but you can’t walk without one. Weak joints break. Joints that cannot move are the biggest determining factor to an individuals health. When your joints are healthy you have the freedom to do anything your heart desires. 

There is nothing worse than being in pain, and missing out on the beauty of life, because your knees can’t bend and your hips won’t turn. 

Movement Gym helps people build innate and robust movement intelligence by helping the joints of the body do what exactly what they are designed to do. MOVE!”

We hope that you found value in this Kickback Session! Ryan at MVMNT Gym is genuinely here to encourage your success. We ask that you take a moment and think about how to embark on a new journey to fuel your body for the future.

Do you have a joint that needs to be stronger, smarter and move better? Schedule a discovery call with Ryan at

Our dear friend Ryan Egan has lived such a colorful life. He has accomplished so much and faced many trials and tribulations along the way that brought him back to Sandpoint where he opened his third gym, MVMNT (Movement).

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